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          .Dec 19 2017
          Coalsafe President's presentation
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          SACMA is an organisation of Colliery Mining Managers, representing 8 Mining Houses
          and some smaller operators with 43 Mine operations in 4 provinces. The current SACMA membership totals 434 Coal Mining Professionals

          Our operations have an annual turnover of +R35bn with labour bill contribution to the
          RSA workforce of more than +R6bn (47 000 direct employees)

          Our operations (represented in SACMA) add value to 240million ton of coal resources per annum and represent 90% of the RSA coal industry. Our partnership with Eskom and Sasol contribute to 90% of the RSA electricity supply and 37% of the RSA fuel supply

          This we achieve while actively training and developing employees (~400 new artisans pa), contributing +R270m pa to social upliftment and operating responsibly and safely with a loss time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of 0.36 per 200 000 man hours...more

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